Joe O'Reilly

epidemiology - statistical inference - phylogenetics - data science



Research Overview

I am a statistical epidemiologist currently employed as a postdoctoral biostatistician/epidemiologist based in Professor Helen Colhoun’s research group in IGC at The University of Edinburgh. My research primarily focuses on the epidemiology of type 1 diabetes and its associated complications. To achieve this I use the national register of people with type 1 diabetes in Scotland to perform analyses employing a range of statistical methods including Bayesian hierarchical regression, prediction modelling, and survival analysis.

I also have a PhD in Bayesian phylogenetic methods which I obtained in The University of Bristol Palaeobiology Research Group under the supervision of Professor Phil Donoghue. My phylogenetic research interests include the relative efficacy of Bayesian, frequentist and non-parametric topology estimation frameworks; the construction of prior probability distributions for divergence time estimation analyses; and empirical applications of cutting edge phylogenetic methods to provide insight into the mechanism of evolutionary processes.

Peer Reviewed Publications

A complete list of all of my peer-reviewed publications is available on my Google Scholar profile page.


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PhD Thesis

My PhD thesis is available here as a PDF (17.4 Mb).